How to Poop (TIPS)

Every human does it, but only few really admit to doing it. It’s seen as improper, nasty, indecent and dirty, and for a good reason. Pooping is very often, a smelly state of business.

A lot of people have their reasons to be embarrassed of pooping, especially when its in public paces, at work, or someone else’s home. These people often, in those moments, prefer to choose not to go to the toilet at all. Sadly, this can result in severe stomach-aches, and it’s not at all good for your body.

If you’re one of those insecure people, who never utilizes another toilet then the one in your own home, then I have some advise for you:

Seriously, you should. It’s the same when you feel tired; if your body signals you that something has to be done, like sleeping, eating, peeing or pooping, you should listen to it! Your body doesn’t signal those things for nothing!

Now, you’re probably thinking:
“I know that everyone does it, and I know my body doesn’t signal just to annoy me, but I still feel super embarrassed whenever I go to drop the kids of at the pool,”

Don’t worry, I totally get this. I don’t feel like a Dinsey princess either when I’m sitting on the toilet. However I did find a few ways to make it less of an awful experience for you and those who use the toilet after you.

Here are my top tips and tricks to let you take that dump!

The Smell

One of the main reasons most people are embarrassed is the smell. But there are several simple ways to minimize this.

  • Make sure you sit down properly. If the toilet you have to use is a bit nasty, just cover the seat with toilet paper. Now sit down, and try to let your legs and booty cover the entire opening of the seat. This way it’s harder for the smell to come out.
  • Flush between takes. If you know you’ll be sitting there for quite some time, just flush now and then. The more poop, the more the smell. The longer it lies there, the longer the smell has to try and escape. This also means that it’s smarter to flush first before you wipe. It’s you’re choice; flush like 20 times or leave behind a godforsaken smell…

    image source: GroupMe
  • Bring a small perfume bottle or tiny deodorant with you. These days, most deodorants have pocket editions. You can bring these with you in a bag or, of course, in your pocket whenever you go to visit the toilet. A lot of stores sell travel size perfume bottles nowadays. These are small bottles, which can be filled and refilled by any perfume of your choosing. Don’t want people to know it’s you? Just buy a scent you normally don’t wear.


The Sound

Often, the sound is also something people are embarrassed of. I know people who don’t even feel comfortable when others can hear them pee.

  • Turn on the water tap. If you have a tap or sink in your toilet, just put it on. The water can cover up some of the sound.
  • Don’t have a tap or don’t want to waste water? Put on some music on your phone. You might think this is a bit stupid, but it’s either that or someone hearing you drop ‘em one by one. And who knows, I personally think I wouldn’t mind some music when I would be the one sitting in the stall next to you (as long as it’s not techno or something that is). With that, it would cover my sounds up as well. If you like this idea, you can even talk to your manager/supervisor or boss about the possibility of installing a radio in the toilet. If you don’t try it, you’ll never know!


The Time

It’s important not to force things when you’re finally sitting there. For some people this means that their visit to the bathroom can take quite some time.

  • Go multiple times a day. If you can just go and dump the main issue. You might know or feel that there will be more, but if you can, cut it off and come back later. This way you can take short visits several times a day. Don’t want it to get noticed Do it while you run an errand, during your break, or just drink a lot of water. When people see you drink a lot, it makes more sense when you go more often than usual, and you stay hydrated as well.


When you’re done doing your thing in there, make sure you check the toilet. Did you leave something behind? If you did, clean it. Seriously. If you don’t others will still know what you where doing in there, and trust me, they WILL be disgusted when they see your trail. There is always a toilet brush in the stall (and if there is not, you should have serious talk to the person in charge). Of course, those things aren’t the cleanest but you don’t have the cuddle or kiss the thing. Don’t look at it too much and try not to smell it, just use it what it’s for. Find it disgusting. Yeah, well it is. But it’s your doodoo. It’s your own. Comes from you. You do it at home too (at least I hope you do, otherwise you really are a nasty person). Would you use a toilet with skit marks? No, don’t think so, unless there was no other choice. NOW JUST CLEAN THE DAMN THING. You don’t have to clean the entire toilet but at least erase your own trails.

With these tips, it’s easy to leave behind a toilet, which is nice and clean and safe for others to visit.

Have any tips to add? Leave a comment below! I’d love to hear them.

And one last thing, before you close that bathroom door confidently behind you,





Get The Most Out of the Night (TIPS)

If you want to feel sleepy when you head to bed…
Banish the blues: Avoid computer screens, TV’s and smartphones or try wearing glasses with amber-tinted lenses for 2 or 3 hours before you go to bed. These will block the blue light that stimulates your brain and make you feel especially sleepy.

If you want to feel especially refreshed in the morning…
The 90-minute rule: Decide when you want to wake up, and then count back in 90 blocks (the length of a sleep cycle) to discover the best time to head to bed. You can also find special calculator on the internet for this if you are bad at math.

If you want to fall asleep quickly…
Use positive imagery and the paradox principle: first, imagine yourself in a very pleasant scenario. Make the scenario as detailed as possible, but avoid anything that’s too exciting, perhaps planning your dream holiday or thinking about your perfect evening out. If that doesn’t work, try to stay awake. As strange as it sounds, forcing yourself to actually remain awake is one of the best ways of nodding off.

If you lie in bed feeling worried…
The list: if you have a lot o your mind, make a list of all of the things that you have to do the next day. If you are worrying about something specific, jot that down too and try to allow the thought to drift through your mind, rather than focussing on it.

If you wake up in the middle of the night…
The jigsaw method: you might be experiencing a perfectly natural phenomenon known as ‘segmented sleep’, where people sleep in two long blocks, with a gap of roughly 30 minutes between them. However, if you lie awake for more than 20 minutes, get up an do something non-stimulating for a few minutes, such as working on a jigsaw puzzle.

If you want to learn in your sleep…
The real secret of sleep-learning: Sleep glues memories into your mind, so don’t stay up late trying to cram information into your brain. Instead, study during the day, remind yourself about key points just before you nod off, and get lots of sleep at night.

If you want to boost your brainpower during the day…
Neuro-napping: Taking a catnap will help you to become more alert, creative an productive. Neuro-napping involves listening to music when you are studying or brainstorming, and then playing the same music when you nap. Napping can boots memory and creativity around 60 %.

If you are experiencing a recurring nightmare, or bad dream…
Imagery rehearsal therapy: Spend some time during the day describing your nightmare, creating a different ending for this episode, and then imagining this new and improved ending. Studies show that this simple technique stops nightmares 90% of the time.

If you want to gain an insight into your concerns and worries…
Dream work: Describe a striking dream in detail, look for ways in which it applies to your life, and then use this as the basis for change. Research shows that around 80% of people find that this yields an important insight into their concerns.

If you want to achieve a goal…
The power of pre-sleep suggestion: Just before you fall asleep, imagine doing whatever you need to do to achieve your goal. For example, if you want to go to the gym more frequently, imagine yourself putting on your trainers and heading out the house. As you drift asleep, tell yourself that you want these images to crop up in your dreams.

Source: Night School by Richard Wisemanjaneedit

How to Prevent a Jet Lag (TIPS)

Before you go on a trip, try and shift your clock a bit when you are still home. When flying from to the west, get up slightly later every day. When flying to the east, get up slightly earlier.

If possible, book flights that will minimize your jet lag by following the simple adage: ‘Fly east, fly early. Fly west, fly late.

If you need to sleep during the trip, try to avoid sitting on the sunny side of the plane. For flights in the northern hemisphere, the sun will tend to be on the left side of the plane when you fly west, and on the right side when you go east.

As soon as you board the plane, adjust your watch to show the time at your destination, and try to fit into this new time schedule as soon as possible. If it is time to sleep, try and close your eyes for a while. If it is dinner time, eat something (even a light snack is okay).

Some people believe that melatonin supplements can help control your sleeping patterns and thus help you adjust to new time zones. Research suggests that daily doses of melatonin can help alleviate jet lag, and short-term usage seems to have few negative side effects. Consult your doctor before taking any medication.

When you arrive at your destination, adjust your circadian rhythm by using the following simple rules of thumb:

-If you have travelled east, avoid the morning sun and seek out natural light in the afternoon.
-If you have travelled west, seek out light  throughout the entire day.

If you really cannot keep your eyes open during the day, take a quick nap, but set your alarm to make sure that it is no longer than two hours.

Source: Night School by Richard Wiseman