Chapter 00 – Prologue

Schermafdruk 2017-04-13 14.37.35

I lay in bed. It was finally completely dark in the dormitory and I listened carefully to the rhythm of the breath of the other girl. It seemed that everyone had finally gone to sleep. I got up as quiet as I could and quickly started changing into my clothes. I swiftly grabbed my bag from underneath the bed and stuffed my nightgown in it. A girl mumbled in her sleep. I walked towards the window and looked outside. Nothing to see. Nobody was there. Yet. I opened the window as quiet as I could and secured the bag around my shoulder for safety. Without a sound I climbed out of the window and let myself down along the drainpipe.

When I reached the ground I looked up to the other windows and started counting.

One, two, three, four, five, six…




Come on…


Finally another window opened and a girl came climbing out. I watched her carefully climbing down until she reached the ground.

‘Finally, I thought you would never come. Are you sure about this though?’ I asked her quietly. She nodded and bit her lip. I snorted. ‘Alright then. Have you heard anything from Lilly?’ I asked. She shook her head, frowned and answered: ‘Yes, actually, I did. I heard some sounds coming from downstairs. Not to loud though. It might have been her. But it might have been the Witch.’ She looked at me in fear. I smiled. ‘Don’t worry,’ I reassured her, ‘maybe she’s just…’ But before I could finish my sentence a third window opened and a another girl came jumping out.

‘My goodness Lilly, what took you so long?’ I asked her angrily. ‘Never mind that, lets just go.’ She answered. ‘Lil, I heard quite some noise from downstairs, are you alright?’ the other girl asked carefully. ‘My god Julia, can we just go already? I know I made noise, that’s why I want to leave. NOW!’ ordered Lilly. Julia gave one scared look at the building and then followed us.

We ran through the streets as fast as we could. Our bags clutching around our shoulders. Around every corner we checked to see if no one was walking the street before we crossed it. After what seemed to be hours we finally reached the outskirts of the city. Julia started to slow down a bit. ‘I know you’re tired, but we’re not out yet. We’ll rest when we reach the woods.’ I whispered to her. She looked at me annoyed but she knew I was right.

When the last homes started to fade in darkness behind us and the grass beneath our feet became longer, we finally started to slow down a bit. We kept on walking. Nobody said anything. Now and then I looked around to make sure no one was following us. My feet started to hurt and I was tired. I knew the others were too but I didn’t dare to stop. Not yet at least.

Finally after what seemed to take ages, a dark spot started to rise in the distance. The woods.

‘We’re not going in there right now, are we?’ Julia stammered.

‘Don’t worry, we’ll only go in a bit. I think it might be best to climb a tree and rest in there for a bit.’ replied Lilly. Julia moaned. ‘It’s safer up in there, trust me.’ Lilly added.

‘I know,’ groaned Julia, ‘but I hate climbing, and I’m really not good at it.’

‘We’ll help you.’ I said.

We chose a large, strong tree with thick branches that grew close to one another. I pulled some rope out of my bag.

‘Here, tie yourself to the tree. That way you won’t fall out if you fall asleep.’

‘Thank god you always think of everything,’ laughed Lilly. When we were all tightly secured, I could finally close my eyes. I was so tired. But with a bit of luck, our escape would be successful. As soon as we would wake up, we would journey on. We would follow the path, not on it though, but next to it, so people walking it wouldn’t see us. And when we would’ve reached the end of the woods, we would really finally be free. Free from that Witch. Free from that hell hole. Free from that miserable life. Finally free. And with that last thought in mind, I relaxed my mind and felt myself falling asleep.



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