The Perfect Plan

‘Don’t move!’ she shouted. ‘If you move, I’ll shoot!’ she promised me

I knew she wasn’t playing, so I kept still and smiled at her.

‘Hands up, very slowly.’ She demanded.

I slowly raised my hands over my head, still smiling at her. I saw her eye and mouth twitch and her hand seemed to shiver a bit. But I knew that if she were to take a shot at me, she wouldn’t miss. After all, she was a famous war hero, having faced the biggest and worst. Still, this affair had her shaking to the bone.

I had known from the start of her pursue that this wouldn’t be like anything she had ever faced before. More frightening and painful than all that time abroad where she had seen the worst kinds of things. But this was worse, way worse.

I could see the indecisiveness in her eyes, the doubt, the one big thing I had based my entire plan, making it work.

‘I know you could shoot me,’ I said smiling to her.
‘But I also know you wont,’ my voice felt smooth.

I wasn’t afraid. I saw the anger in her eyes when I said these words. Her trigger finger twitched and her eyes narrowed.

‘I mean you could’ve already, but you haven’t. And the reason why you haven’t is because you have thought about it too well. You know what will happen, what the result will be, right?’ I said, raising one eyebrow playfully.

More anger burned in her eyes, but her grip loosened.

‘Yeah, that’s it. You know you have to leave this be. I mean, you have no choice here really, have you now? You may think you have, but no, not really. The only thing you have to decide is who to save, and who to condemn, if any at all. And you have made your choice a long time ago now, haven’t you. Is it the right choice? I don’t know. But it’s never the wrong choice. Think! Think hard. Whatever you think you decide, there’s no winning in this, but, with the right move, also no loser.’ I kept talking while I looked into her eyes.

At first my words triggered her anger, but after a short while the anger changed into doubt, uncertainty and even a hint of fear. I knew I had her. Just a few more words and she would lower her gun and I would walk out of this freely.The right words.

‘Look at me.’ I continued, softly and smiling.

Fake tears welled up in my eyes.

‘Look at me. Look into my eyes. It’s me. You know it. You know. I know. Don’t worry. Everything is going to be okay,’ those last few words were the final drop.

She slowly lowered her arms and tears started to roll over her face.

‘That’s it. That’s it. Good.’ I smiled brightly at her while she cried.

She hadn’t noticed I had lowered my arms too. She had perfectly played out my entire plan. I was almost proud of her doing so.

Now, distraction time, and then leave.I jerked my head back and opened my eyes wide while I stared at a point somewhere behind her, as if I suddenly got scared. She quickly turned around to look what was set behind her, what had triggered my response. By the time she turned herself back to where I had just been standing, I had long gone.

The perfect plan, perfectly played out. It had worked! Of course.



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