Harry Potter Universe Fanfic

The battle of Hogwarts had changed a lot. The new Ministry of Magic decided that a closer relationship with the muggle world was necessary, to prevent any future problems. An accord was struck; a group of wizards would intergrade into the muggle world, silently observing and protecting them. This group was on an equal level as the Aurors and where all highly skilled and trained witches or wizards. These protectors where called: (…)

From a young age, Teddy Lupin had decided that he wanted to be one of them. After all, it was what his parents had died for.

When Teddy had finally graduated (naturally he had the highest score of all his fellow graduates) from Hogwarts, it was time for him to make his dream come true.

Of course the Ministry thought him too young, and stated that they didn’t have a job for him.

However, after some help from his godfather, Teddy received a job offer from MACUSA for which he was to infiltrate into an American university. As eager as he was, young Lupin took the offer, said his goodbyes, and flew off to start his new adventure in America.



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