Victorias Palace

Going back five generations, Victorias Palace had been built by a rich and wealthy man as a meeting place and tribute to his mistress: Victoria. The building had been designed by a famous architect and had made use of the, at the time, most modern and expensive designs and materials. Since it’s opening it had always been a place where one was able to buy luxurious breakfasts, lunches and dinners, or enjoy a drink and dance to live music.

Victorias Palace had been a great success from the start. Celebrities, politicians, aristocrats and even royalty where known to adore the place and often visit. Of course, every night it was fully booked, which made the place perfect for it’s owner and his mistress to sneak off together. Often they made use of one of the many secret passageways that either led to one of its many secret rooms or functioned as an escape exit.

When it’s owner passed away, Victorias Palace was left to his children. The man had never told his children about the mistress, nor about the existence of all the secret passageways. Over time, the children and later grandchildren discovered some of the secrets of the building, but never all of them. The knowledge of the existence was from then forth passed on from parent to child when it was their turn to take over the place, but was never shared with any of the employees.

Over the years, Victorias Palace had become the place where mobsters and politicians made deals, actors and musicians signed contracts, world-class writers and artists drew up inspiration and business meetings and interviews of multinationals took place. Everyone wanted to be there and everyone who had been fortunate enough to be there once would remember the experience for the rest of his or her lives.

Every day important things where happening, history was written, and at least 12 illegal deals where struck. Every day was special, except for the employees and owners of Victorias Palace itself. They had grown accustomed to the way things went.

But today was a odd day out, at least for one person present at Victorias Palace…



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