Five Fun Facts About Dreaming

Eva Murzyn asked people in their mid-fifties to rate both the amount of colour in their dreams, and how much black-and-white television they watched during their childhood. 25% of those who only say monochrome television when they were young dreamt in black and white, compared to just 7% of those who had access to colour television.

Erections happen during even the most mundane of dreams, and are not necessarily the sign of an erotic adventure.

Research into the dreams of blind people has revealed that those who lose their sight before the age of 7 experience dreams that contain almost no visual imagery, whereas those who become blind after they are 7 years old have the same type of visually orientated dreams as sighted people. Also, those who are blind from birth report dreams that frequently involve vivid sensations of sound,taste, smell and touch.

Nocturnal erections can help medics to determine the causes of impotence. If a patient does not get an erection during their sleep, then their impotence may be due to a physical problem that is best treated with drugs or surgery. However, if the patient has no problem ‘ staying up” all night then the problem is likely to be more in the mind.

David Foulkes From the University of Chicago, invited volunteers to his sleep laboratory, taped open their eyelids and asked them to fall asleep. When the volunteers started to dream, Foulkes would place various objects in front of their eyes. The volunteers were then woken up, asked to report their dream, and quizzed about what they thought had been showed to them. The volunteers saw nothing, and the objects didn’t crop up in their dreams, suggesting that you become blind when you dream.

janeeditSource: Night School by Richard Wiseman


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